Multi objective support system for the decisions to plan scheduling of operations

  • Iván Saavedra Antolínez
  • Carlos D. Paternina Arboleda
  • Elías D. Niño Ruiz
  • Libardo S. Gómez Vizcaíno


This research shows the design and construction of a multi objective optimization support system for decision making, DSS-SCHEDULER, in order to effectively perform naval shipbuilding operations, by managing to have a rational usage, under a limited capacity, of the installed capacity. The system creates the operational plan for the scheduling of operations as well as the allocation of all the resources related to the processes carried out at the plant, and, taking into account all the restrictions this type of service entails, generate a set of optimal solutions in order to comply with the objective functions as planned, such as costs and the promise for delivery dates to support the decision making process in scheduling Cotecmar’s industrial operations.


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