A Bimodal Transportation Model for Steam Coal Exportation Based on Magdalena River as Main Waterway

  • Henry Murcia


The aim of this work is to offer a new alternative to allow the release of the Colombian coal transportation system that nowadays is under a saturation state. For this reason it is proposed, the option of making the exportation of the surplus production granted by the thermic coal mining activity focused on the Cesar department, through a bimodal transportation system that will highlight on the Magdalena River as the most important way for the logistic development of the country. As main key and support tool, the Discrete Event Simulation (DES) methodology was used for conducting experiments based on information which has given the characterization of the proposed system. Hence, the establishment of the conceptual model that determinated and limit the system, a simulation in the software Rockwell Arena was implemented which results were tested and analyzed to study the performance of itself. 


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